Life Group

(this is NOT a web site, just a clever name)

“…how can two walk together unless they agree?”
Marriages begin in e-harmony and can culminate in dis-harmony. is designed to deal with the principles to live in harmony within the family and to make any marriage better!


Topics include

Communication — “Oh, that’s what you meant”

Finances — “You bought what?”

Personalities — “Are you off your medicine again?”

Parenting — 911-Supernanny NOT required

Roles — 50/50 marriages

Intimacy — Not again or what’s that?

Luv Languages — “…that says I love you?”

Games Couples Play

Marriage Myths

Men from Mars

Women from Venus

Conflict — fightin’ fair

Gender Difference…Two Brains

Not About the Nail


About the facilitators

Eddie & Tricia King. Eddie is a retired USAF F-4 fighter pilot and currently a Senior Vice-President with a major financial firm. Tricia is a homemaker, artist, former teacher, and loves being a grandmother. They will openly share their lives with you.