Bill Daniel

Anniversary Date at CropwellIMG_5195a

June 2008


Master of Divinity, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies, Brewton Parker College, Mt. Vernon, Georgia

Associate of Divinity, Southeastern College at Wake Forrest

Previous Positions

Senior Pastor, Stapleton Baptist, Stapleton, Georgia

Associate Pastor, Macedonia Baptist, Holly Springs, North Carolina


Wife – Sherry

Children – Michael and Luke

Hobbies/Personal Interests

Hanging out with family

Riding four wheelers

Deer hunting and fishing

Looking for Native American artifacts

Salvation and Call to Ministry

I was raised in a Christian home and was in church regularly. I made my public profession of faith when I was twelve years old, but as the teenage years approached I became rebellious and strayed away from the Lord. The whole time I was in rebellion against God, I knew what I needed to do and knew that only Christ could give the real joy that I was looking for and that I would not find joy in any of the things I was doing. This waywardness lasted until I was 23 years old and I met Sherry (my girlfriend at the time – and future wife). For the most part she was in the same condition as me, but she was still going to church. She invited me to go with her to church. The first time I attended, I heard the preaching of the Word. I knew God was working in my heart and that I needed to respond. For months I was under conviction to repent of my sin, but after witnessing an accident on the job, God showed me that I had two choices. One was to deny myself and follow Him and the other was to live a miserable life in rebellion against Him. At that moment I fully turned my life over to Him. I was 24 years old at that time. He began to show me that He came so that I may have life and have it more abundantly. Four years later, He began to call me into a life of vocational ministry and I believe he gave me the gift of pastor/teacher.

Ministry Focus 

My focus at Cropwell is to assist the Senior Pastor in ministry. This involves teaching and preaching when needed; leading in visitation and outreach for the sick; membership assimilation; evangelism/bringing people to Christ; keeping my hand on the pulse of the Sunday school with the goal of helping it grow; and overseeing our discipleship program at Cropwell Baptist.