A Heart for ONE!


Will the real YOU please stand up?  In life people often have a natural tendency to not display to others who and what they really are.  Today Pastor Dan looks at the Apostle John’s account of the resurrection of Lazarus which helps us consider the spiritual condition of our individual lives.

Additionally, today marks the beginning of the theme “A Heart for ONE!” in which Pastor Dan has challenged the church to think of at least one person they know who does not know Jesus or has turned away from Jesus and begin to have gospel conversations with them.  This is Cropwell’s Theme for the remainder of 2017…


  • John 11:1-43
  • Matthew 5:6
  • Matthew 5:16
  • Matthew 6:33
  • Luke 9:62
  • Luke 1037
  • Luke 11:1
  • John 15:7
  • John 15:10-12
  • John 15:18-20

Sermon Notes:

– The truth is the foundation for spiritual life, deliverance and freedom.

A spiritual profile of all people:

  • Characteristics of the spiritually dead
    • No spiritual appetite
    • No spiritual activity
    • No spiritual awareness
  • Characteristics of the spiritually defeated
    • No commitment to the faith
    • No compassion with the fallen
    • No communion with the Father
  • Characteristics of the spiritually dangerous
    • Prays with abiding intimacy
    • Obeys with loving joy
    • Stays with preserving faith