Get out of the Graveyard!

Today’s message in Pastor Dan’s series from Ephesians begins chapter 2.  As believers we are made alive Christ, even though we were dead in our sin, because of the rich love, mercy and grace of God.  This gift of life in our salvation is not a reward for the good things we have done, so none of us can boast about it. For we are God’s work and he has created us to do the good things he planned for us long ago.


Get out of the Graveyard!

Because of Christ, Believers have been taken out
of the great graveyard of sin and placed into the throne room of glory!

Jesus Christ has worked for you; now let Him work in you and through you,
that He might give you an exciting, creative life to the glory of God.

God’s Four Specific Works
  • Sin’s works against us. (2:1-3)
    • He is spiritually dead. (1)
    • He is spiritually disobedient. (2-3a)
    • He is spiritually depraved. (3b)
    • He is spiritually doomed. (3c) 
  • God’s work for us. (2:4-9)
    • He loved us. (4)
    • He made us alive. (5)
    • He exalted us. (6)
    • He keeps us. (7-9)
  • God’s work in us. (2:10a)
  • God’s work through us. (2:10b)

Are you wearing the grave-clothes or grace-clothes?
Have you experienced His work for you—in you—through you?

Then trust Him today that he might give you
an exciting, creative life to the glory of God!