God-Centered Worship


This is the fourth and final sermon from A Purposeful Heart series. Pastor Dan leads the church to consider what written by the prophet Isaiah describing his response to encountering the Holy God.

A Purposeful Heart Series: Sermon #4

– God-Centered Worship –
Isaiah 6:1-8

God-centered worship always leads to God-sized sacrifice and obedience.

When God is the center of our worship…

  • We revere His greatness.
    • False worship leads us to be…
      • Uninterested in the majesty of God.
      • Unaware of the presence of God. Isaiah 1:10-14
    • True worship leads us to…
      • Rediscover His majesty. Isaiah 40:25-26
      • Rejoice in His presence.
  • We reflect His holiness.
    • The church: a reflection of God or the world?
    • We are the temple of God! 1 Cor. 6:33
    • Personal: What areas of my life are not reflecting His holiness?
    • Corporate: What areas of the church that are not reflecting His holiness?
  • We commit to His purpose. (Mark 11:17; Jeremiah 7:11)
    • How we worship will greatly affect who else worships. Isaiah 56:7
    • Worship is the fuel of this unstoppable mission.
    • Worship is the goal of the unstoppable mission.

God-centered worship always leads to God-size sacrifice and obedience.