God’s Antidote for Your Hurt


Today Pastor Dan continues this series on Psalm 23.  


God’s Antidote for Your Hurt

Because we live in an imperfect world, you’re going to be hurt.
You’ll be hurt by accidents, by illnesses but the deepest hurts you’ll have
in your life will come from people. Relationships are the greatest
source of stress in our lives.

Five things to not do when people hurt you…

  • What not to do when you get hurt
    • Don’t ignore it.
      • Ps. 39: 2-3
    • Don’t run from it.
      • Ps. 55
    • Don’t hide your hurt.
      • James 5:16
    • Don’t worry about it.
      • Job 5:2
    • Don’t resent it.
      • Job 1:4

Three symbols of how to get healed from hurt…

  • Let Jesus settle the score
    • Romans 12: 17, 19; Matthew 5:7
  • Let Jesus soothe my wounds.
    • Ps. 147: 3
  • Let Jesus satisfy my needs.
    • Ps. 23: 5


If you’re hurting, Jesus invites you to a banquet—–
He has prepared a table before you in the presence of your enemies—
He will anoint your head with the oil of His love—-
He will fill your cup until it overflows…That’s deal we can’t refuse!