Heaven in my Home

Today’s message in Pastor Dan’s series from Ephesians continues as he continues sharing from chapter 5.




Heaven in my Home
Ephesians 5:22-33

How our homes can be controlled by God’s Spirit…

  • Wives, submit yourselves. (22-24)
    • The Lordship of Christ.
    • The headship of the man in Christ.
  • Husbands, love your wives. (25-33)
    • God established marriage for emotional needs to be met.
    • God established marriage for physical needs to be met.
    • God established marriage for spiritual needs to be met.
Our Christian homes are to be pictures of Christ’s relationship to His church.
The Spirit of God uses the Word of God to work His will in our lives.
The true Christ-follower can walk carefully and accurately
because he knows what God wants him to do.
Like the builder following the blueprints,
he can accomplish what the architect planned.