Living the Lordship of Christ

Today’s message in Pastor Dan’s series from Ephesians continues as he shares from chapter 6.




Living the Lordship of Christ
Ephesians 6:1-6 

It is possible to be saved by God’s grace
and not be submitted to the lordship of Christ.


How Four Groups of Christians should live in harmony…

1. The Duty of children. (6:1-3)

  • Obedience is right. v. 1
  • Obedience is commanded. v. 2a
  • Obedience brings blessings. v. 2b-3

2. The Duty of fathers. (6:4)

  • He must not provoke them.
  • He must nurture them.
  • He must discipline them.
  • He must instruct & encourage.

3. The Duty of servants. (6:5-8)

4. The Duty of masters. (6:9)

  • He must seek their welfare.
  • He must not threaten.
  • He must be submitted to the Lord.
  • He must not play favorites.
If we are filled with the Holy Spirit and are joyful, thankful, and submissive,
then we can enjoy harmony in the relationships of life as we live and work
with other Christians
How our homes can be controlled by God’s Spirit…