The Bankbook of Riches!

Today’s message in Pastor Dan’s series from Ephesians completes chapter one by expounding on knowing and experiencing God’s calling, riches and power in our lives.




The Bankbook of Riches!

By faith we claim God’s promises and draw on
His limitless wealth to meet every need we may face.

We discovered that we were “born rich” when we trusted Christ. But this is not enough, for we must grow in our understanding of our riches if we are ever going to use them to the glory of God. Too many Christians have never read the bankbook of riches to find out the vast spiritual wealth that God has put to their account through Jesus Christ.

Truth: The Christian life has two dimensions:
  • Faith toward God.
  • Love toward men.
Four Prayer Requests for Enlightenment
  • That we might know God. (17b)
    • To know God personally is salvation. (John 17:3)
    • To know God increasingly is sanctification. (Phil. 3:10)
    • To know God perfectly is glorification. (1 Cor. 13:9-12)
  • That we might know God’s calling. (18a)
  • That we might know God’s riches. (18b)
  • That we might know God’s power. (19-23)

In all four Gospels, we see God’s power at t work in the ministry of Jesus Christ, but in the Book of Acts, we see that same power at work in ordinary men and women, members of the body of Christ. What a transformation took place in Peter’s life between the end of the Gospels and the beginning of Acts. What made the difference?  — Acts 1:8

The greatest power shortage is not
our generators or our gas tanks. It is in our personal lives.


Will you, starting today, begin to know by experiencing God’s calling,
through God’s riches, driven by God’s power?