Worship – Adoration


Today the series,”Worship: What’s the Big Deal” continues with Transitional Pastor Dan Moran. In this message we consider the wonderful aspect of worship called adoration as found in the Isaiah 6:1-6


Worship: What’s the Big Deal?

Isaiah 6:1-8 

Adoration happens when we see God for who He really is.

Worship Cycle Two: Adoration

  • Adoration is our intimate expression to God.
    • Psalm 95:6; 96:9; 29:2
  • Adoration is our gift to our Savior
    • John 12:1-8
      • Mary’s gift of adoration is a reminder of His impending death.
      • Mary’s gift of adoration is a picutre of extravagant love.
      • Mary’s gift of adoration is an illustration of humble service.
      • Mary’s gift of adoration is a rebuke to self-centered religion.

“Adoration is the missing jewel of the church!” –A.W. Tozer

Worship is setting our minds attention
and our hearts affection on God.