Worship – Here am I, Send Me


Today is the final message in the the series,”Worship: What’s the Big Deal” with Transitional Pastor Dan Moran. In this message we consider God’s call to Isaiah and his response.  




Worship: What’s the Big Deal?
Here am I – Send Me

Isaiah 6:1-8 

God-centered worship is being a Christian
that takes God at His Word. 

Worship Cycle Four: Here am I – Send Me
The Message and our Response

  • Worship is complete when the Christ-follower:
    • is hearing and proclaiming the Word of God.
    • is digesting the Word of God into their lives.
    • is not just hearers of the Word but doers of the Word of God unto the entire world.

God centered worship always leads to God-sized
sacrifice and Spirit driven obedience.