Brett and Suzanne Price

Anniversary Date at Cropwell

May 2016

About Brett and Suzanne

We both graduated from Ohio University.

We have been members of Cropwell Baptist Church for over 10 years and we are both so very thankful that God brought us here. Growing up, we were never part of a church family. Looking back, we could feel God moving in our lives and we just didn’t quite understand what to do next.  After, having our first child we knew that God was calling us closer to him. We moved from Ohio to Alabama in the summer of 2006. That summer, we came to Cropwell Baptist Church- and instantly felt the love of Jesus wrapped around us.  In September 2006, we both committed our life to Christ and followed in believers baptism. Since then, we felt lead to volunteer with preschool and school aged children.

We now have 4 children (Paxton, Kira, Zach, and Brooke).  It’s amazing to see the life and plan that God has had for us. His grace and mercy, has lead us now as the Directors of the Children’s Ministry. Our goal is to help teach your children the Word of God and to help them grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. We will pray for your children and families, and assist you 8teaching your child about the love and grace of our wonderful God.