Are You Out of Touch with Spiritual Reality?

Jude 8-10

The mysteries of God’s sovereign grace are beyond us in this life and will never understood until we enter His glorious presence.

  • Watch the Sins of Rebellion. (8)
    • Don’t become defiled.
    • Don’t become defiant.
    • Don’t become disrespectful.
  • Watch the Sins of Arrogance. (9)
    • Know your place in God’s economy.
    • Know your power is in God’s authority.
  • Watch the Sins of Ignorance. (10)
    • Guard your mouth.
    • Guard your mind.

Do you want to get in touch with true, genuine reality? Then we must be zealous and passionate for high moral standards, personal purity, and biblical holiness.

“I will never boast about anything except the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. The world has been crucified to me through the cross, and I to the world.” — Galatians 6:14